The Team

ASPEN VG gathered a team of the finest people.

Developer Builder: Aspen vg

Aspen VG is a real estate development and investment firm based in downtown St. Petersburg. They focus on the creation of high-quality urban infill real estate projects across the Tampa Bay area.

Aspen VG offers its partners and clients a long history of hands-on real estate experience covering multiple asset types. The firm has a demonstrated track record of successful projects and has a unique ability to source off-market opportunities. Their deep development background, quality communicative skills, and commitment to quality and community allow the firm to execute complex, distinctive projects that capture consumer demand and maximize investor value.

Architecture: Mesh

Mesh Architecture is a team of creative individuals committed to innovative architecture. As evidenced by our name we conceive of design as a process that weaves together a wide range of forces and inspirations. And as our alliance with Mesh Fabrication indicates, we highly value collaboration. Ultimately we view our work as the bridge between conceptual idea and physical reality.

Branding & Environmental Design: Clear ph Design

ClearPH Design is a boutique design firm with locations in St. Petersburg, Denver, and Dubai led by veteran brand-culture visionary Richard Hughes. The agency is known for its globally recognized body of work in branding, print, and web created by its highly skilled, top-notch, award-winning creatives. ClearPH helps roll out brands by articulating all aspects of a brand’s culture – from internal to external – with unique strategies that transcend borders and open new horizons.

Developer: Urban Edge

Urban Edge is a Tampa developer working on a number of infill redevelopment projects. Its focus is to bring quality “entry level” housing to top infill locations in the Tampa Bay area, so the focus is on first time buyers and FHA financing to make these projects viable. Today’s affordability crisis for renters has created a huge unmet need for lower cost in-town housing. Urban Edge Development is a full-service real estate firm that specialized in urban living, mixed use and historic preservation projects.



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