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St. Petersburg is Bananas about Living Healthy Lifestyles

By August 23, 2016 No Comments

Views to Have a Fit Over

With so many scenic views to gawk over, St. Petersburg provides countless community options to live a healthy life.


A healthy St. Pete is a happy St. Pete. You can tell how happy and healthy our community is during the free fitness classes in the park. You can spot yogis, swing-dancers, and boot-campers in their natural habitats.


Communities that Partner Together, Get Fit Together

One of our lovely 801 Conway Community Partners knows quite a lot about healthy habits. Anytime Fitness, located on Central Avenue, is literally the center of leading a healthy lifestyle within our community. Getting a solid core in the core of the community. Sounds pretty hardcore…


Stay in Your Lane

Join our decked out, bright yellow 801 Conway Purefix bikes on the bike trail, or kick on some sneakers and race us to the Mirror Lake, only a block over, for a little hike.


801 Conway has a breathtaking courtyard within our units. Meet your new neighbors and become workout buds. Or just hang outside and catch some rays, we won’t judge. You look great.


801 Conway has one fine exterior, if we do say so ourselves. Hashtag bod goals.

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