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Don’t Get Schooled

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Ahhhh! Back-to-school is in the air. Get your learning caps on, ladies and gents. There’s a plethora (vocab word #1) of reasons why 801 Conway just makes sense. Let’s break it down, shall we?


Be a Smarty Pants

Learn where you live. 801 Conway is located in the historic heart of Downtown St. Petersburg. It’s simple – history lives and thrives here. You get the best of both worlds, though, because the 35 residences are modern and chic.


Houses are Smart, Too

Are you paying attention? 801 Conway has an array (vocab word #2) of additional luxury Smart Home options. Besides the sky-high ceilings, optional color palettes, high-tech stainless steel kitchen appliances, select LED fixtures, and European soft-close cabinets, home owners can opt for an addition of Smart Home features.

Take notes.


Subtract the Nonsense. Add to Your Assets

We’ve got some monetary talk to clap your erasers about. Kiss your pennies goodbye if you’re planning on renting. Owning is all the rage right now – it’s the better decision, for your pecuniary (vocab word #3) situation. Check out our rent vs. own scenario here. The difference you’ll save will make you drop all of your books in the hallway.


Protect your assets. Three gold stars for humor, four demerits for inappropriate school humor.

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