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Let’s Have a (swah-rey)

By August 8, 2016 No Comments

801 Conway has exciting news about your new neighbor and it’s going to set your taste buds on



(swah-rey) is famous to the fun-seekers, food-lovers, and socialites of the St. Petersburg area

and they’re moving in! (swah-rey) will be deemed a home for gatherings to surround yourself

with delicious eateries and a delightful atmosphere.


Your (already insanely awesome) home just got upgraded by the dessert gods.


(swah-rey) produces more than just enticing scents that will fill the sidewalks of the 801

Conway homes. (swah-rey) is extremely business-friendly as it is family/pet-friendly. Their team

of passionate pastry professionals support local businesses all around St. Petersburg and is an

enthusiastic member of KSPL. You can find and follow them here.


Quite honestly, we couldn’t be more excited about this amazing, mouthwatering, sensational, new neighbor. So, yes, we’re bragging. They could be your neighbor, too. 801 Conway welcomes you.


I scream, you scream, we all scream for (swah-rey) … or something like that.