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The Burg: Setting the Green Living Standard

By June 14, 2016 No Comments

As the race to become a more eco-friendly or “green” city unfolds, St. Petersburg has maintained it’s position as one of the greenest cities in Florida. But that’s not without innovation and strategic hard work, with a number of localized and city-wide efforts to sustain and reuse resources, the changes happening are more than impressive. Plus, with the up and coming world of smart home technology, we can finally harness that sustainable living power at home.

City Wide Green Initiatives

The city of St. Petersburg has a variety of initiatives in place all geared towards sustainability. These regulations and efforts stem from a number of industries and angles, even starting with the legal building process which now requires LEED Certification (Leadership in Energy + Environmental Design). But this is just the start, there are tons of ways the city has incorporated green living for citizens as well as companies. We now have the largest biking path in the southern part of the United States, making The Burg an ideal city for bikers. Plus there are some changes you might not even realize, like every stop light and street light within city limits, is now required to be a LED energy saving light.

Localized Efforts

There’s some beer fueled initiatives taking off in the city that are quite the buzz on the web. There’s the 4,590 solar panel rooftop over at Great Bay Distributors that is now their primary source of energy. Plus, they took it one step further and replaced their refrigerator lights with LED sustainable bulbs. “Keeping all those suds cool would normally cost about $75,000 a month in electricity costs. The solar system is projected to cut that bill that by 90 percent and reduce carbon emissions equal to the planting of 1.1 million trees.” – Great Bay owner Ron Petrini. Florida brewers have really made great strides and innovative changes to create a more eco-friendly industry. Over  in Delray Beach, Saltwater Brewery invented the “Edible 6 Pack Ring”, which is as amazing as it sounds. Using byproducts from the brewing process, Saltwater Brewing created fully edible and biodegradable rings to replace plastic packaging. No matter where you look, the green era is certainly arriving in Florida!

801 Initiatives

Through our smart home packages, you can effectively transform your home into an eco-friendly haven, without sacrificing quality of living. With the Nest climate control system, you can easily ensure that your home is using a proper amount of energy, while monitoring and controlling it at your fingertips. Plus, LED lighting is standard within the 801 Conway community, another small we we’re putting a green foot forward.

The winds of eco-friendly change are upon us here in The Burg, and we’re pretty excited to be a part of the journey. We’re on the path for more sustainable living and we’d love for you to join us. If it’s green living you seek, St. Petersburg is calling.

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